The Pocket Tripod is the Best Travel Tripod That Fits in Your Wallet!

The Pocket Tripod is the Best Travel Tripod That Fits in Your Wallet!

May 31, 2022 0 By Nicki Sun

I have officially found the coolest thing to place in my wallet (besides money!). Trust, this has been the most practical, satisfying, and easy conversation starter ever. I’m a fan.

Besides the oh-so-satisfying snap that is as addicting as playing with a fidget spinner, this is a tripod the size of a credit card that actually works! See how it works below.

While the Pocket Tripod comes in different colors and several universal adapters, my phone with a phone case needed a specific adapter. The great thing is if your phone doesn’t work with one of the many included adapters, you can redeem your specific code to order the special adapter at no extra cost to you. Free shipping is also included!

The adapters are easy to switch out and allows you to to tilt your phone within 180 degrees without flipping over. You can also twist the ends a part to separate the tripod to place your phone horizontally.

Pulling out a selfie stick is embarrassing. Pulling out the Pocket Tripod that is LITERALLY the size of a credit card, is cool! Plus, when you always have your wallet on you, you will always have this handy tripod with you as well.

Give it a try! Here to hook you up with an additional 20% discount when you enter code NICKI at this link.