The Best Livestreaming Desk Setup for Content Creators in 2022

The Best Livestreaming Desk Setup for Content Creators in 2022

May 31, 2022 0 By Nicki Sun

Since the beginning of 2022, I started livestreaming “TechNicki Speaking by Nicki Sun” every Tuesday at 7pm PST on Amazon Live, YouTube, and Facebook. It’s a one-hour tech and educational livestream showcasing all the gear, gadgets, and Amazon finds I use in my every day content creations. And it’s been a solution for me to not only go consistently LIVE every week, but to also engage, connect, and answer your specific questions about the products I use in real time. I would love for you to join! Don’t forget to hit the Follow button to get notified every time I go live!

My desk has gone through many setup iterations and I’m constantly trying to test and find the best solutions for my needs.

Here’s what my desk setup looked like before…

Not bad for a before look. My favorite items that have given me more space on my desk, while being completely functional, has been the Desktop 6-in-1 stand that comes with all the tools you need to create your perfect floating arm system, and my standing desk! Since I have my camera affixed to one of the floating arms, my camera placement stays the same no matter if I sit or stand when doing my livestreams, creating content, or hopping on a Zoom call.

I have since upgraded to my Yolobox Pro, which allows me to stream to up to three platforms at the same time without using a computer. I can also use my Yolobox Pro to connect with my Zoom if I wanted to have PiP, or Picture in Picture.

The biggest change that was single-handedly improved my workflow the most is getting this keyboard and mouse that allows me to use both across multiple devices, enabled by Bluetooth! Gone are the days that I have to unplug THREE of my USB-A adapters to power my mouse and keyboard. While I’ll miss my beautiful RGB-lit keyboard, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to hit a button to switch from typing on my Macbook Pro to my phone, and also my PC! It has saved me TONS of time.

To check out everything I have on my desk, I have created this list especially for you! And if you’d like to see everything in action, feel free to rewatch my stream “My Desktop Faves“.