Surprising My Giveaway Winners with the Ultimate Creator Studio Upgrade!

Surprising My Giveaway Winners with the Ultimate Creator Studio Upgrade!

March 25, 2021 0 By Nicki Sun

I got to play Oprah & Ellen, surprising my 5 lucky giveaway winners with the ultimate creator studio upgrade, and it felt AMAZING!

SERIOUSLY THOUGH! After an intense month prepping for my website launch, interview with iJustine, partnering with my sponsors, and hosting an epic giveaway in Women’s History Month, SURPRISING my 5 winners over Zoom was the ultimate JOY and PAY-OFF! I literally emailed them saying I needed to “verify their submission” 😂

And of course, part of the reason in me launching has been to highlight more diverse voices in the tech and filmmaking space. So I decided to share a few minutes of each creator’s story, what incredible things they do, and the female creator they nominated. You can click on the timecodes in the YouTube description to skip to each person easier, but I have included all their goodness below!

A HUGE shoutout again to my incredible sponsors Kingston Technology, Aputure, JOBY, Saramonic, and Wooden Camera; Justine Ezarik; Emm from Cheesycam, Peter Mai, and everyone who participated for making this DREAM LAUNCH a reality!

This definitely won’t be the last giveaway OR the last of me, so make sure you subscribe and sign-up for my newsletter!

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I was a Special Guest on Same Brain Podcast with iJustine & Jenna Ezarik!


Marci Yeater

Marci’s Nominations: 
Karla Gregg
Alyssa Young

Vladimir Tassy

Vladimir’s Nomination:
Atola Visuals (Kitty)

HaNa Teresa Park

HaNa Teresa’s Nomination:
Sixta Morel

Monique Santos

Monique’s Nomination:
Liane V

Christina Debose aka “sociallychrissy”

Chrissy’s Nomination: