PYRO #LookAlikeEdit TikTok Flash Challenge Tutorial

PYRO #LookAlikeEdit TikTok Flash Challenge Tutorial

August 2, 2020 0 By Nicki Sun

Okay, this TikTok challenge was super fun to do! What’s being called the “#LookAlikeEdit” and “#FlashChallenge” is probably one of my most favorite TikTok challenges because it encourages you to mix your image with someone you look like (or want to look like). For those who do not necessarily look like an existing celebrity (like me), try this challenge with your favorite anime character!

Growing up, Sailor Moon was literally my FAVORITE show, and because Rei Hino had black hair (just like me), I naturally just gravitated to her…soon to realize that she would be my absolute favorite sailor scout! So much so, that my mom and I actually handmade a Sailor Mars costume for Halloween about a decade ago. I was super happy to see that it still fit because…as you can probably guess…

I chose Sailor Mars for my TikTok Lookalike Flash Challenge! I mean, when else am I going to wear this costume again?

So if you’re looking to see how to edit your very own Lookalike challenge, check out my full tutorial below.

Also since the posting of this video, the soundtrack has been updated to PYRO – Chester young & Castion.

Also, I am addicted and decided to do another one with my current favorite character on Bob’s Burgers…LOUISE BELCHER!!!