Valentina Vee, Filmmaker & Aputure Resident Pro

Valentina Vee, Filmmaker & Aputure Resident Pro

June 27, 2019 0 By Nicki Sun

I got to chat with Filmmaker (Director, DP Editor) & Aputure Resident Pro Valentina Vee! I remember watching a lot of Michelle Phan videos and wondering who shot and edited some of her amazing videos. Turns out it was Vee and she soon became someone I wanted to meet and learn from.

Vee is no stranger to the filmmaking world, having worked on Emmy-nominated shows to now teaching cinematography on Aputure’s channel. She’s a sought-after speaker at tech conventions and trade shows and you can find her killing it and representing women in media wherever she goes.

She is a woman filmmaker to watch, so make sure you follow her!

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Check out her updated reel!