How to Post YouTube #shorts

How to Post YouTube #shorts

February 22, 2021 0 By Nicki Sun

It truly looks like vertical video is here to stay. While it does crush my filmmaking soul to see less, rather than more, of a screen, we adapt as creators. And while there is a time and place when using these features, the time to start posting YouTube #shorts is NOW! Why?

  1. The YouTube #shorts feature is currently only available in India, with the launch in the United States anticipated to be REAL soon. But I’ve learned a way to start qualifying and uploading your videos as #shorts TODAY (Keep reading!). Getting ahead of a release will give current YouTube creators an advantage when #shorts does finally drop for all to use.
  2. With new features comes new audiences! The sooner you were able to hop on TikTok, the sooner you were able to grow exponentially. Same thing goes here. The most game changing factor that YouTube #shorts will have over TikTok will be access to SEO! Can you imagine your content getting MORE views because the world can now type in keywords to FIND your content?! It is why I started posting my TikToks to Pinterest in the first place. Oh yeah, I have a Pinterest too so you can start pinning my quick tech tips!

And now I’m going to start posting my TikToks (without the watermarks) and experiment with YouTube #shorts. Plus, it’ll also allow me to connect with my audience in between the time it takes to shoot and edit my longer and LANDSCAPE videos.

Here’s how YOU can start posting YouTube #shorts today! And of course, I made a #shorts teaching people how to make #shorts. So meta, right?

For those of you who didn’t catch all you needed to do in the 15 second clip above (because it truly is that simple), let me break it down for you:

  1. You can upload your video from your phone OR your desktop
  2. Video must be under 60 seconds
  3. Video must be uploaded in its vertical dimension
  4. It was suspected you might need to add hashtag #shorts to your video, but vidIQ is saying that you do not need to. I added it to my description anyways
  5. AND THAT’S IT! YouTube will automatically pick it up as a #shorts for the time being until we start seeing this new feature to create #shorts directly from our YouTube app.

To check if your video did indeed get uploaded as #shorts:

  1. Access your Creator YouTube Studio
  2. Click on “Customization”
  3. Click the “+ Add Section”
  4. Short Videos should now appear in the dropdown menu, and your #shorts will start appearing there. Keep in mind that you will only see your #shorts via the YouTube app and NOT on the desktop.
If you can select “Short Videos” from the “+Add Section” dropdown menu in your Customizations tab, you have succeeded in creating Youtube #shorts!

FYI, this is what my #shorts looks like on YouTube:

For more on what YouTube #shorts are and why you should be posting, take a look at these videos!